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Piano Studies Book No. 1 [2008]

Piano Studies Bk. No. 1 was the very first recorded album I had composed of solo acoustic piano compositions as well as the first ever album personally converted into classical musical notation. Many of these works were thoroughly composed prior to the recording release date (2008).

The Romantic/Classical style of these compositions was heavily influenced by the avid studies of Frederic Chopin, Claude Debussy, Ludwig van Beethoven, and the great Franz Liszt. This volume even touches upon Minimalism and Atonalism. These pieces embody playful caricatures of form and style, designed for entertainment and physical pleasure for the pianist.

These recordings are young and precious, and they are performed in their spawning state, exempt of the improvisational bravuras often overladen throughout common-day performance. These are considered early gems of my composing endeavors, yet still memorable and fun to play even to this day which aid in the development of many certain techniques. The compositions gradually increase in difficulty throughout the book from Easy, Moderate, Difficult, to Very Difficult.

(C) 2008 All Rights Reserved.



Dolce Melodies [2016]

Dolce, the Italian word for "sweet", was the thematic goal of the original composition of these 5 pieces of music for easy piano. There are more underlying elements to these fully-notated short works, such as what performing them does to the hands, their idiomatic character development, and the interesting things going on in the overtones with the right pedaling. Beauty in simplicity is easily achieved with these works, that fit perfectly under the hands. 

"Dolce Melodies"
(C) 2016 All Rights Reserved



Chamber Works [2008-2015]

A variety of works composed for assorted small ensembles, and instrumentations.



Symphony No. 1 in A Major[2012-2013]

This is a symphony I have fully-notated for full and string orchestra in a non-traditional format. It has great moments of beauty, excitement, and is a 'must play' for live orchestras with the talent. 

I. Nur der Himmel vielleicht wissen (Only the Skies May Know)

II. Il Giallo Tramonto (The Yellow Sunset)

III. The Awakening [String Orchestra]

IV. A Passage Beneath Time




More Great Albums [2008-2012]

Here are a few more full-length albums that have been a rage with fans who actually know some of my stuff is boss. 







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